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This is my home...

I guess it is because as a farmer I am tied to the land.

So when I hear people talk about moving away because of the state of the State it just makes me mad. This is truly the land of my fathers...yes plural!

When Edwin and Stella Muzzall moved here in 1910 it was to make a new start. They came with children, some married some not. And they stayed. They still reside out at Maple Leaf cemetery.

My great grandparent, my grandparents and my parents and someday Shelly and I.

This is home and I will be damned if I will leave because things aren’t to my liking. I will fight to bring back respect to the community I love.

We have problems, but none we can’t solve. Sure there are people who want to wreck it so they can move on. There are people who want to blow up the bridge like that will solve anything.

I believe we can have a beautiful place to live and we can keep it that way. So let’s work together and show our community pride and get along.

Because this is the only home I have ever had and I want to keep it that way. For my kids and grandkids.

-The Happy Farmer

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