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The religion of pessimism

This might end up a little long but please stick with me.

It would seem that we have a new religion in our country. That religion is pessimism!

I just read a editorial by one of our great generals, James Mattis. He was spot on.

But here is my take. The news media reports bad news not just because they want to but because it sells. It is a business by the way. Political parties spin worst case scenarios because it hopefully will spur action. Coffee groups concentrate on bad news because it makes good conversation.

I have said I want to change the tone of politics. But it starts with us, like you and me.

The picture I am using is of Mt. Rainier. When I was a kid growing up on this farm we never saw it. In the 60s and 70s there was too much pollution to see it from Whidbey.

This picture was yesterday morning. We have cleaned things up well enough to now see it on every clear day. We seldom saw birds of prey, now they are everywhere.

A recent acquaintance picked up his young son from school the other day. His 8 year old son asked him if it was true we were only going to live for another 12 years. This my friends is a travesty! As adults we are supposed to instilling confidence and hope in our children not this. So please stop it!

Certainly we have problems, but we can solve them. Not the government but us.

We have the highest rate of mental illness in our children and young adults in recorded history. We don’t have to wonder why, it is right in front of us. We have to stop the pessimism and begin some optimism.

We can solve these societal problems one comment and action at a time. I’m not talking unicorns and rainbows, I’m talking engagement.

I have taken this step to represent my legislative district to begin this new tone. My family will suffer, my farm will suffer and my friends will wonder why. But I can’t sit and let my grandchildren live in a world that has no hope.

We can fix this folks. I’m a farmer, I have spent a career fixing problems with little time and money. A saying around here is “We have done more and more with less and less till we can do pretty much anything with nothing”.

So buckle your seat belt and hold on, this may be a rough ride. We can do this. I’m not a politician, I’m a farmer who is sick and tired of pessimism, intolerance and a government run amok. Let's take a step in the right direction. Because every great journey began with one step. And please tell your friends, share the good news. -The Happy Farmer

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