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I won't marginalize you for your opinion

Well this is the weekend. Shelly commented, “it’s kind of like sending you off to college”.

In some respects it is. I will be inundated with lots of learning and meeting lots of new people.

I always told my kids when they left the house “remember who you are and what you represent”.

That is my goal as well! My job is to represent each of you in the 10th.

But what am I? I am a husband, father, grandpa, friend, Farmer, businessman...but most importantly a child of God.

The first thing I did this morning was go to church. Important to remind myself of my responsibility to society.

I have a responsibility to steward the public’s money in the most responsible way possible. I am responsible to conserve and protect our resources. Our air, our water, all of our natural resources. To protect our civil rights. I have a responsibility to engage in constructive and respectful dialogue. To treat all people respectfully.

We have some big decisions to make in our state. We all deserve to be heard but we must respect each other, despite disagreeing on some passionate issues.

You need to know I will not marginalize you because of your opinion. I can only hope you won’t do that to me. It is time to turn the corner and get some big things accomplished. Let’s get it done!

-The Happy Farmer

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