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"We as lawmakers owe the voter to be conservative in our spending, to be pragmatic in our decision making, and to be practical in our approach."

-Senator Ron Muzzall

Meet Ron

Ron Muzzall and his family have been Whidbey Island residents for over 100 years. With this family so ingrained in our community's history, Ron has developed a passion for serving friends, neighbors, and associates. This has led him to be involved in agricultural and industry associations. He has also served as a firefighter and Fire Commissioner with North Whidbey Fire and Rescue. 

He served 15 years on the board of Skagit Farmers Supply, including serving as its Chair. He also put his expertise to work on the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives and on the board of the Land O’Lakes Cooperative.

Ron brings a civil and pragmatic voice to Olympia. He will always look for common-sense solutions. He believes in a responsible government that spends taxpayer money sensibly and pragmatically to ensure that citizens have the best services available. Ron currently serves as the Ranking Member of the Agriculture Committee, as the Asst. Ranking Member of the Health and Long Term Care Committee, and serves on the Ways and Means and Rules Committees.

Ron and his wife Shelly, along with his two daughters, Jennifer, and Roshel, own and operate 3 Sisters Family Farm on Whidbey Island and provide beef, lamb, hogs, and free-range eggs to the 3 Sisters Market and other grocery stores in the area.

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