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Social distancing, toilet paper and hospital beds.

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Here at our farm, we have had our own experiences with pandemics among herds. So perhaps the danger of this coronavirus is more real to me than to others.

I have to say, we failed this weekend folks! What was looking pretty positive earlier in the week is now not so much.

I am going to be pretty blunt so be prepared.

I know some people have downplayed the severity of this virus and its contagiousness. In early March there was a meeting of around 60 people in Skagit County. As of now more than 50% of those attending are either confirmed or suspected positive of COVID-19. Pretty convincing when it comes to the importance of social distancing.

Toilet paper. The stores know about how much toilet paper to order in a week based on normal demand. Until there is a hoarding situation. Now they, the suppliers and manufacturers, can’t keep up.

Now let’s imagine if we don’t social distance and we have an uncontrolled outbreak.

Hospital beds, like toilet paper, are a finite resource. Imagine we have a demand 2 to 10 times the what we have available beds to handle. I think we’ve all seen the lineups outside the grocery stores. Imagine that outside of hospitals.

This will not only effect COVID-19 victims, but anyone who needs emergency services. Heart attacks, appendicitis victims or car accident victims will be standing in line for treatment. This is why we are asking for social distancing.

Yesterday beaches and popular hiking trails had way too many people, too close to each other. Today, State Parks are closed for the foreseeable future. Numerous cities have closed down and Boeing has stopped all production in Puget Sound. It isn’t about taking away constitutional rights, though we have to cautious about that. This is about public health and dealing with a contagion we haven’t dealt with before.

Please, please let’s be cautious before this gets out of hand. We have control of our future, so don’t blow it!

- The Happy Farmer

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