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Muzzall voted into Leadership

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

In his first week in Olympia, Senator Ron Muzzall made an impression on his Senate colleagues, who voted unanimously to put him in leadership, making him the new Deputy Republican Whip.

The Deputy Whip is a leadership position mainly responsible for assisting in monitoring attendance of the Senators during important floor sessions and caucuses, ensuring that Senators are on the floor for critical votes.

“The selection came as a surprise to me,” said Senator Muzzall. “But to have the confidence of the caucus to vote unanimously for me is something to be proud of.”

In addition to his appointment to Senate Republican leadership, Senator Muzzall was named Assistant Ranking Member of three important committees: State Government, Tribal Relations and Elections.

“My ability to effectively represent my constituents has only been strengthened by my position as the assistant ranking member on the State Government Committee,” said Muzzall.

-Campaign Staff

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